Английский язык для подготовки к экзаменам, Дроздова Т.Ю., 2016

Английский язык для подготовки к экзаменам, Дроздова Т.Ю., 2016.

   Комплексное пособие для подготовки к единому государственному экзамену по английскому языку. Может также применяться для подготовки к традиционному школьному или вступительному экзамену в вуз.
Издание предназначено для учащихся старших классов и предлагает разнообразный материал по всем разговорным темам и языковым аспектам, указанным в федеральной программе по изучению английского языка.

Английский язык для подготовки к экзаменам, Дроздова Т.Ю., 2016

When Matt Kelley was growing up in the United States, he often thought to himself, "Who am I?”
Matt thought that his problem was special. When he saw his schoolmates, he didn’t see anyone who looked like him. There were white kids and black kids, Asian kids and Hispanic kids, but none like him.

Matt Kelley was a multiracial teen: his dad was white and his mum was a Korean. He felt that he didn’t quite fit in with white kids because of his Asian side, and that he didn't quite fit in with Asians because he was half white. This made him feel confused (находящийся в замешательстве) and frustrated (расстроенный), and he often wondered if he was the only teenager in the world with this problem.

In Matt's first year at university, he met other multiracial young people, and he began to talk with them about their problems. He soon realized that there were lots of multiracial people in the U.S. and that they didn’t really have a place to discuss their experiences (случай). So in 1998, when Matt was only 19. he founded MAVIN. MAVIN, which means "one who understands" in Hebrew, is a magazine for young multiracial people who want to read about other people of mixed race and their experiences. It publishes articles about the problems that affect multiracial teens. The readers also write their own stories for publication in the magazine.

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