Британский дом, Home, sweet home, Макарова Е.А., 2012

Британский дом, Home, sweet home, Макарова Е.А., 2012.

Книга для чтения по английскому языку «Британский дом» адресована школьникам старших классов, учащимся СПО и студентам вузов. Предназначена для формирования навыков чтения, письма и устного общения, а также для развития навыков письменного перевода. Может быть использована в качестве дополнительного учебного материала с любым базовым учебником английскою языка для средних школ. Задания в книге рассчитаны на работу в классе, но могут быть использованы и для самостоятельной работы при подготовке проектов или устных презентаций по культуре страны изучаемою языка.

Британский дом, Home, sweet home, Макарова Е.А., 2012

In Britain the most widespread natural building material is brick, because there is plenty of clay in the ground to make bricks with. There are red brick houses all over Britain and yellow brick houses in the Eastern Counties. Many buildings are now also made of concrete.
Types of Home.

Families prefer to live in houses rather than in flats (apartments). 78% of householders occupy a whole house, 21% live in flats or houses divided into rooms. The remainder live in mobile homes (caravans13) or in accommodation rented with business premises — for example, rooms over a ship.

Many people own the house they live in, or they are buying it with borrowed money (a mortgage). About 62% of all dwellings are “owner-occupied” (the person who lives there owns the house). Nearly a third are rented from public housing authorities.
The housing situation.

The above summary makes the housing situation in Britain look quite good. It has improved a lot since the great shortage of houses after World War II. But people are not interested in the exact number of houses built; they are interested in what they themselves need. They know that it is still difficult to find accommodation at a price they can afford.

From the history of British houses
What is home as distinct from a house?
British homes
Unit 1
Somewhere To Live
Unit 2
Different Styles Of Housing
Unit 3
The Outside Of The House
Unit 4
The Inside Of The House
Unit 5
Stately Homes
Supplementary Materials.

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