Английский язык, Happy English, 9 класс, Кауфман К.И., 2007

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Английский язык, Happy English, 9 класс, Кауфман К.И., 2007.

   Учебно-методический комплект "Счастливый английский.ру" / "Happy English.ru" для 9-го класса продолжает линию учебников "Happy English.ru" для 5-11-х классов, предназначенных для учащихся основной и средней (полной) общеобразовательной школы.
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Английский язык, Happy English, 9 класс, Кауфман К.И., 2007

Who made a mistake / misunderstood? Find the mistakes or misunderstandings in the conversations and correct them.
a) Model: A: Mary couldn't come to the party. She was in hospital.
B: Oh, poor thing. What happened? A: Nothing. She's a doctor.
A made a mistake. He should say: She was at the hospital.
b) A: My mother is in the college today. B: It's never too late to study.
A: Oh, no. She's a teacher there.
c) A: Jack is in prison.
B: What an interesting job!
A: I'm afraid you don't understand...
d) A: Liz will have to go to school tomorrow... B: Do you have classes in the evening? A: No, Liz is my aunt. She wants to speak to my teachers.

Unit 1 Hello America!

Lesson 1 Welcome to New York 4
Article 7
Lessons 2,3 New York, New York 10
Lesson 4 Streets and avenues 17
Cardinal and ordinal numerals 17
Lesson 5 "I believe in liberty and happiness" 25
Lessons 6, 7 Have you ever tried blintzes? 30
Article 34
Lesson 8 Project 36
Lessons 9, 10 Robin MacWizard's diary Part I 37
Unit 2 Do good clothes open all doors?
Lesson 1 What's in? 47
Lessons 2,3 My favourite things 51
Direct and reported speech 51
Lesson 4 Grungers and Preppies 56
Lesson 5 You'll never believe it! 59
Reported speech 59
Lessons 6, 7 What size are you? 63
Lessons 8, 9 Robin MacWizard's diary 70
Unit 3 Good health is above wealth
Lesson 1 Sequence of tenses 81
Sequence of tenses 81
Lessons 2, 3 What happened to Jane? 86
Lesson 4 How can you burn calories? 91
Lessons 5,6 "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" 93
Lesson 7 Don't forget your medical insurance 100
Lessons 8, 9 George Washington and Thomas Jefferson 107
Unit 4 Do your parents understand you?
Lessons 1,2 One day they'll be proud of me 116
Complex object 116
Lessons 3,4 What do his parents want him to do? 121
Lessons 5,6 Do your parents understand you? 127
Lesson 7 The Battle of Gettysburg 135
Lessons 8, 9 Welcome to Washington 139
Unit 5 Going down Hollywood Boulevard
Lessons 1,2 Welcome to Los Angeles 146
Lessons 3,4 What's on today? 155
Lesson 5 A walk down Hollywood Boulevard 162
Lesson 6 The secret of success 165
Lesson 7 What is the book / film about? 168
Lesson 8 Project "Start a film review club" 173
Lesson 9 The history of the American flag 173
Unit 6 What are you going to do in summer?
Lessons 1,2 What does a ranger do? 182
Lessons 3, 4 It would be nice to have a summer job 1 86
Subjunctive mood 186
Lessons 5,6 The job for you 194
Lesson 7 An accident in Death Valley 199
Conditionals 199
Lesson 8 Faces on Mount Rushmore 202
Lesson 9 The treasure 205
Grammar Reference 211
Vocabulary 248.

Купить книгу Английский язык, Happy English, 9 класс, Кауфман К.И., 2007 .

Купить книгу Английский язык, Happy English, 9 класс, Кауфман К.И., 2007 .
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