Английский язык - Справочник школьника - Шалаева Г.П., Хаскин В.П.

Название: Английский язык - Справочник школьника.

Автор: Шалаева Г.П., Хаскин В.П.


Данное учебное издание составлено в соответствии с новой программой обучения школьников иностранным языкам, рекомендованной Министерством образования Российской Федерации. Оно представляет собою грамматический справочник и приложение с наиболее повторяющимися темами для беседы. Для выпускников школ, абитуриентов, школьных учителей.

Английский язык - Справочник школьника - Шалаева Г.П., Хаскин В.П.

Appendix Contents
A Day at School
A Distinguished Personality
A Hedgehog
A Letter from America
A Wonder-Child
Abraham Lincoln
Ancient Easter Traditions
Andrei Sakharov
April Fool's Day
Archibald Joseph Cronin
Arkhip Ivanovich Kuinji
Books in My Life
Charles Dickens
Choosing a Profession
Cleaning Up the Environment
Computerization of Economy
Daring Explorers
Do You Like Music?
Educational System in Great Britain
Educational System in Russia (in brief)
Ernest Hemingway
Ethel Lilian Voynich
Faithful Friends
Geography of the United States of America
Halloween is a day of fun and excitement
Happy New Year!
Holiday Trips
Household Chores
How America Was Discovered
How I've made up my mind about my future profession
How the First Computer Was Developed
Human Beings and Their Environment
I Enjoy Sports and Games
If I Had Time
Ivan Nikolayevich Kramskoi
Jack London
Jerome K Jerome
Karl Pavlovich Bryullov
Leonardo da Vinci
London Is the Capital of Great Britain
London Buses
Mark Twain
Mass Media
May is the greatest victory of the Soviet people
Mikhail Lomonosov
More Than Years Have Passed Since the End of the War Why Is Victory Day the Most Sacred Holiday in Our Country?
Moscow is the capital of Russia
Moscow is the cultural centre of Russia
Mother's Day
My Family
My Favourite Book
My Favourite Book Written by an English or an
American Writer
My Friend
My Future Profession
My Hobby
My Idea of Friendship
My Pastime
My Summer Holidays
New York City
Nuclear Winter Awaits
O Henry
Oscar Wilde
Our School and Its Traditions
Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov
Public Holidays in the USA
Pure Water in Baikal
Robert Bums
School and its Traditions
Secondary School in USA
So Many People, So Many Hobbies
Some Facts from the History of Washington, D C
Some Facts from the History of Great Britain
Some Facts from the History of the USA
Some Other Sights of London
Speak about Any Town in the USA
Speak about Some English or American Traditions
Sport is the Way of Life to Everybody
St Paul's Cathedral ,
St Valentine's Day
Summer Holidays are Something to Remember
TV, Radio, Cinema and Theatre
The American Rag
The British Museum
The Brontes
The Geographical Position of Great Britain
The Geographical Position of the USA
The Great Fire of London
The History of Football and Soccer
The Houses of Parliament
The Olympic Games
The Political System of the USA
The Progress of Science in the th Century. The Third American Expedition to the Moon
The Tower of London
The United Kingdom
The Wonderful World of Books
Theodore Dreiser
There is a Lot to Learn at School
To Protect Nature Is to Protect Man
Trafalgar Square
Travelling Is One of the Means of Widening
One's Outlook
Vacations and How to Spend Them
Vasily Andreyevich Tropinin
Vasily Grigorycvich Perov
Vasily Vasilievich Vereshchagin
Victory Day
Washington, D C
Ways of Holiday-making
We Like Hiking
We Take Care of Nature
Westminster Abbey
What's an Occupation?
William Shakespeare
Your Future Profession

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