The Alternative English Dictionary

The Alternative English Dictionary.

   Словарь английского слэнга, но емкий.

+ no real translation; suffix that can be added freely to ANY word... e.g.: Shutup, dickwad! Piss off, asswad! Go away, stainwad!
arse bandit
+ HomoSexual  John is an arse bandit
anus  British equivalent of asshole
afternoon This word is used extensively in Australia and also in England in some places.
ass boy (noun)
++ Derogatory term for male homosexual. "Whatever you say, ass boy."
buttocks Now acceptable term on US television. 'John has a big ass.'
+ asshole, shithead Adj; Said in place of saying no, or when someone says something stupid and a smart retort is needed. Usage: Not quite, assfuck.
+ anus; detrimental person second meaning very common nowadays. 'Mary thinks that John is an asshole.'

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