Fundamentals of English Grammar

Fundamentals of English Grammar - Betty Azar

Название: Fundamentals of English Grammar.

Автор: Betty Azar.


The Third Edition of Fundamentals of English Grammar combines communicative methods with the direct teaching of grammar. While retaining its characteristic clarity and simplicity in grammar instruction, this edition is enriched by a wide variety of language-learning activities for the classroom.
Key features of the Third Edition:
Numerous real communication opportunities using the students' lives as context.
More interactive work in pairs and groups.
Error-analysis exercises in every chapter.
New exercises on form and meaning.
Open-ended tasks for both speaking and writing. · Additional passages using target structures in extended contexts.
Two Appendices, one with phrasal verbs, one with preposition combinations.
Workbook devoted solely to self-study exercises.
Student Book available with or without Answer Key.

Fundamentals of English Grammar - Betty Azar

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