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Hot Topics 1 - Cheryl Pavlik

Название: Hot Topics 1.

Автор: Cheryl Pavlik.


In the 30 years that I have been in English language training (ELT), I have despaired of the lack of stimulating reading texts, accompanied by activities written specifically to energize and inspire the mature English learner. Why aren't many ESL reading texts sufficient? Although ESL learners may not yet have mastered English syntax, they still have interests beyond the mundane, and they certainly have ample reasoning ability. And while many reading texts are written about subjects of broad appeal, virtually all of them avoid topics that are deemed "too controversial" for the classroom setting. Unfortunately, many of those neglected topics are of great interest and relevance to adult lives. By steering course themes away from controversy, the instrucror also steers students away from motivating and stimulating topics.

Hot Topics 1 - Cheryl Pavlik

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