Get it right, Говорите правильно по-английски, Поуви Д., 2008

Get it right, Говорите правильно по-английски, Поуви Д., 2008.

 В пособии рассматривается около 120 слов и конструкций английского языка, в употреблении которых русские студенты чаще всего допускают ошибки. Цель пособия - предупреждение типичных ошибок, обусловленных влиянием родного языка обучающихся. Предлагаются упражнения для проверки усвоения и тренировки материала.

Get it right, Говорите правильно по-английски, Поуви Д., 2008

Fill in the blanks with Britain, the United Kingdom or England and any other necessary words.
1. The official name of the whole country is .... 2. Great Britain consists of... . 3. Scotland had four universities by the 16th century, whereas ... still had only two. 4. The Australian Prime Minister is on an official visit to ... . 5. - I’ve bought a book called ‘The Educational System of... and Wales.” 6. Unemployment is much higher in Northern Ireland than in ... as a whole. 7. He was born in Wales, but his parents moved to ... when he was only five. 8. The Bank of Scotland prints its own banknotes but they are accepted all over... . 9. Many Indian doctors now work in ... . 10. - Last year I went to ... on a language course. (The course was held in Cambridge.)

Fill in the blanks with British, English or England.
1. 10, Downing Street is the residence of the ... Prime Minister. 2. - Is he a ... citizen? 3. - Do you like ... food? 4. Kissing under the mistletoe is an old ... custom. 5. The ... team reached the final in the World Cup. 6. According to ... law, all firearms must be registered. 7. - You must get a visa from the ... embassy. 8. The ... educational system often seems complicated to foreigners. 9. He served in the ... army for many years. 10. - I went to an exhibition of... portrait-painting in the eighteenth century. 11. Not everyone appreciates ... humour. 12. The ... flag is called the Union Jack. 13. - What do you know about the ... character? 14. The Confederation of... Industry is a body representing all employers in the industrial sphere.

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