Контрольные задания 5-8 по английскому языку, 2004

Контрольные задания 5-8 по английскому языку, 2004.

Учебно-методические материалы для слушателей заочных подготовительных курсов.

Контрольные задания 5-8 по английскому языку, 2004

Choose the suitable tense-form for the verbs in brackets 1. When they moved into a new house they (buy) new furniture, a) had bought b) bought    c) will buy    d) have bought

2. She hasn’t spoken German since she (leave ) Germany.
a) left    b) has left    c) was leaving    d) had left

3. They (reserve) a table before they wrent to the restaurant.
a) were reserving    b) reserve    c) had reserved    d) are reserving

4. The examination (start) at 8.30.
a) start    b) has started    c) starts    d) is starling

5. If he not (work) hard he will not pass his exam
a) doesn’t work    b) will not work    c) didn’t work    d) wouldn't work

6. They (look) for a small garden to buy these last two weeks.
a) have been looking b) are looking c) look    d) had looked

7. I (try) to get my contract with them for a long time.
a) tied    b) am trying c) have been trying d) had tried

8. At this time tomorrow I (take) my exam.
a) am taking    b) will take    c) will be taking d) would take.

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