Английский без проблем для продолжения, Карпенко Е.В., 2013

Английский без проблем для продолжения, Карпенко Е.В., 2013.

  Данное пособие предназначено для самостоятельных занятий иностранным языком. Комплект из книги и диска подготовлен для тех, кто не успевает посещать курсы или заниматься английским языком с преподавателем. Дробная структура, емкие объяснения, полезные таблицы, короткие тексты и упражнения, нужные и нескучные задания помогут освежить в памяти грамматику и увеличить словарный запас. Тексты и задания на аудио-диске помогут научиться воспринимать иностранную речь на слух.
Книга предназначена для продолжающего уровня и для всех, кто хочет освежить в памяти грамматику и попрактиковаться в английском языке.

Английский без проблем для продолжения, Карпенко Е.В., 2013

Who Was the Real Count Dracula?
It wasn't until he came across documents during his research at the British Museum that novelist Bram Stoker found the man who would serve as the perfect foundation for his classic gothic horror character, Count Dracula.

Vlad Tepes (pronounced tepish), a 15th-century prince from the mountains of Eastern Europe was his inspiration. Accounts of Vlad Tepes' cruelty have been distorted

throughout history. It was his father from whom he proudly took the name “Dracula” (“Son of the Dragon”). Tepes was no vampire. And Tepes certainly wasn’t immortal, as Stoker’s count is. But Stoker wasn’t just inspired by the prince’s name. Tepes’ reign was a cruel and bloody one. When investigating sensational history, it’s easy to find grossly exaggerated tales that obscure the facts. In the rare case of Vlad Tepes, little exaggeration is needed. Tens of thousands of people were tortured or died by his hand or command. As the prince of Walla-chia, a region in Romania, Tepes made many powerful enemies. His enemies spread propaganda about the ruler, which inadvertently assured Tepes’ place in history. Tepes’ deeds and atrocities made such an impression, in fact, that an unflattering epic poem about him was published on the Gutenberg printing press.

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