Английский язык, Сборник тестов

Английский язык, Сборник тестов.

  Вам предлагает пособие для подготовки к централизованному тестированию и поступлению в выбранный ВУЗ.

Английский язык, Сборник тестов

Joey became famous because
1) he had committed so many burglaries.
2) he was always being arrested.
3) he was the youngest inmate in the secure unit.

What can the neighbours recall about Joey?
1) He smoked cigarettes.
2) He was a bully.
3) He ignored school,

Why was it decided that Joey should go to a secure unit?
1) He refused to give up thieving.
2) He kept running away from the homes.
3) He was too old for the children’s home.

What does the writer think is the main cause of Joey’s behaviour?
1) He is a victim of his own circumstances.
2) He has been forced to behave in an anti-social way.
3) He has been badly treated by the police.

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