ЕГЭ 2010 - Английский язык - Универсальный справочник - Гринченко Н.А., Карпенко Е.В., Омельяненко В.И.

Название: ЕГЭ 2010 - Английский язык - Универсальный справочник.

Автор: Гринченко Н.А., Карпенко Е.В., Омельяненко В.И.

   Справочник адресован выпускникам и абитуриентам для подготовки к единому государственному Экзамену по английскому Языку. Пособие содержит подробный теоретический материал по всем темам, проверяемым экзаменом по английскому языку. После каждого раздела даются примеры заданий ЕГЭ и тренировочный тест. Для итогового контроля знаний в конце справочника приводятся 2 тренировочных варианта, соответствующих ЕГЭ по английскому языку, а также бланки ответов. Ко всем заданиям приводятся ответы.
   Издание будет полезно учителям английского языка, Репетиторам и Родителям, поможет эффективно организовать подготовку учащихся к единому государственному экзамену.

ЕГЭ 2010 - Английский язык - Универсальный справочник - Гринченко Н.А., Карпенко Е.В., Омельяненко В.И.

(A) Family Life 1.1, Dialogue
Ann's mother is ill. Ann tries to help her about the house (1.1.3)1
Ann: You mustn't get up, ma. The doctor has strictly prohibited you to do so. Mother: I know, but there's so much to do about the house, my dear. Ann: You needn't fear, Mum. You leave that to me. Mother: Will you be able to manage the household, my dear? Ann: Of course, ma. And I think I'll be able to cook dinner, too. Mother: Yes, but you make the beds and tidy up the rooms first. Ann: Yes, ma. Must I change the linen?
Mother: Do so, please. Tie the dirty things into a bundle and put them into the closet. Ann: Will we do any washing today?
Mother: No, not today. Now that I am ill we might have to give it to the laundry. Ann: I'll wash it myself tomorrow, ma.
Mother: We'll see. Now, don't forget to sweep the corners, Ann. Ann: Yes, ma. Is this the rag to dust the furniture?
Mother: No, Ann, that rag is too coarse. There is a soft rag in the closet.
Ann: When are we going to buy a vacuum-cleaner, ma? It's ever so much easier to dust the room with it.

(A) Family Life 6
1.1. Dialogue 6
1.2. Monologue 7
(Б) Housing 10
1.1. Dialogue 10
1.2. Monologue 11
(B) Interpersonal Communication (in family, between friends and acquaintances) 15
1.1. Dialogue 15
1.2. Monologue 17
(Г) Health and Healthcare 20
1.1. Dialogue 20
1.2. Monologue 21
(Д) Youth in the Modern World, Its Role and Problems 24
1.1. Dialogue 24
1.2. Monologue 25
(E) Youth Pastime 27
1.1. Dialogue 27
1.2. Monologue 28
(Ж) English-Speaking Countries (geographical position, natural resources, places of interest) 31
1.1. Dialogues 31
1.2. Monologues 32
(3) Tourism and Ecotourism 40
1.1. Dialogue 40
1.2. Monologue 42
(И) Nature and Ecology, Scientific Development 50
1.1. Dialogue 50
1.2. Monologue 51
(K) Sport in the Modern World 54
1.1. Dialogue 54
1.2. Monologue 55
(Л) Contribution of Russia and English-Speaking Countries in Science and Culture Development 62
1.1. Dialogue 62
1.2. Monologue 63
(M-O) The World of Professions 70
1.1. Dialogue <. 70
1.2. Monologue 12
(H-O) Education 75
1.1. Dialogue 75
1.2. Monologue 76
(П) The World of Languages 83
1.1. Dialogue 83
1.2. Monologue 84
(P) Peculiarities of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication in the Process of Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication 89
1.1. Dialogue 89
1.2. Monologue 89
(C) Philology as a Sphere of Professional Activity 91
1.1. Dialogue 91
1.2. Monologue 92
(T) Mass Media and New Information Technologies 95
1.1. Dialogue 95
1.2. Monologue 97
(У) Holidays 100
1.1. Dialogue 100
1.2. Monologue 102
Примеры заданий ЕГЭ по теме «Говорение» 110
2.1. Skimming 114
2.2. Reading for Details 120
2.3. Scanning 130
2.4. Understanding the Structural Links of the Text 133
Примеры заданий ЕГЭ по теме «Чтение» 138
3.1. Skim Listening 156
3.2. Selective Listening 158
3.1 Listening for Detailed Comprehension 160
Примеры заданий ЕГЭ по теме «Аудирование» 168
Тексты для аудирования 173
4.1. Curriculum Vitae / Resume (Автобиография / Резюме).. 180
4.2. Filling in the Forms 181
4.3. Writing a Private Letter 181
4.4. Writing an Official / Business Letter 182
4.5. Writing a Summary 189
4.6. Describing the Events. Expressing Your Opinion 190
Примеры заданий ЕГЭ по теме «Письмо» 192
5.1.Syntax 196
5.1.1. Communicative types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, negative, imperative and word order in them 196
5.1.2. Impersonal sentences. There is /are 202
5.1.3.Compound sentences with conjunctions and, but. Complex sentences with conjunctions because, if, when, that, that is why 204
5.1 ASequence of tenses and indirect speech 207
5.1.5.Sentences with conjunctions neither... nor, either ...or 209
5.2. Morphology 210
5.2.1,The Noun. Plural form of nouns. Use of the articles 210
5.2.2. Personal, possessive, interrogative, demonstrative pronouns. Indefinite pronouns some, any, no, every and their derivatives 223
5.2.3. Positive, comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives. Comparative and superlative degrees of adverbs 232
5.2.4.Cardinal and ordinal numerals 238
5.2.5. Prepositions of place, direction and time 241
5.2.6.Auxiliary and link verbs. Forming and using verbs in the Present, Past, Future Simple (Indefinite) in the Active and Passive Voices. Present Past Progressive (Continuous) and Present, Past Perfect in the Active Voice; Present Simple (Indefinite) in future actions after conjunctions if, when. Construction "be going to" 246
5.2.7.ldentifying the non-finite forms of the verb: the Infinitive, the Gerund, Participle I and Participle II 261
5.2.8.Phrasal verbs 273
5.2.9.Modal verbs (can/could, may/might, must, should, have to, need) and their equivalents 275
5.3. Lexicology 283
5.3.1 .Affixes as element of word-building: un-, in-, im-, re-, dis-, mis-, -er, -or, -tion (-sion), -ing, -ness, -ment, -ist, -ism, -y, -ic, -less, -able (-ible), -ful, -ive, -al, -ous, -(i)ty, -ly and others 283
5.3.2. Polysemy. Synonyms. Antonyms 287
5.3.3.Lexical and grammatical combinability 290
Supplementary part 293
Примеры заданий ЕГЭ по теме «Грамматика и лексика».. 304
Ответы 324
Чтение 324
Аудирование 324
Грамматика 324
Вариант 1 328
Вариант 2 343
Вариант 3 357
Ответы 389

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