PHP and PostgreSQL - Advanced Web Programming

PHP and PostgreSQL - Advanced Web Programming - 2002.

   PHP and PostgreSQL are free open-source products that are ideally suited for creating sophisticated Web applications and services. PHP is an efficient and easy-to-learn programming language that is used on an estimated seven million Web domains. PostgreSQL is considered to be the most advanced open-source relational database management system. It competes with costly commercial products such as Oracle and IBM's DB2.
   PHP and PostgreSQL Advanced Web Programming is aimed at developers and programmers with basic knowledge of databases and Web scripting languages who want to develop powerful, secure, and inexpensive Web applications for themselves and their clients. Beginning with the necessary instructions for installing and setting up PHP and PostgreSQL, this book quickly covers the basic features of PHP and PostgreSQL before moving into in-depth coverage of using PHP and PostgreSQL in tandem and related topics.
   Beyond the coverage of just syntax and function, this book provides a complete picture of developing Web applications and services using PHP and PostgreSQL. This includes practical discussions on performance tuning, security, session management, regular expressions, and much more.
  Authors: Ewald Geschwinde, Hans-Jurgen Schonig

PHP and PostgreSQL

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